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Terms of Service

TOS subject to change at any time.

⯁ I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason I see fit.

⯁ I require payment in full upfront. All payments are to be made through PayPal and in USD. I will send you an invoice; do not send payment through any other means.

⯁ Please give me up to a month to begin your sketch. Depending on real life circumstances or my queue, I may not be able to start right away. I will be in touch if something comes up to further delay work. Rush orders instill an additional charge.

⯁ You may post the art you receive from me only if proper credit is given in the initial post.

⯁ You may use your art as your PFP or header if you credit me somewhere easily seen on your page (your bio, for example).

⯁ If you're commissioning art of your OC, a clear reference is required. I will not design your OC for you by going off a written description. Visual reference is a must.

⯁ I will send you the sketch for approval. You are allowed minor changes or 1 redraw. Adding objects that don't alter the already drawn sketch in any way usually don't count as a change, though if the object is complex, it may instill an additional fee.

⯁ Free rein is free rein. If you provide complete artistic freedom with no direction, I will not provide a redraw, only minor changes.

⯁ Once the sketch is approved, I don't offer full refunds. I will only refund the difference between work completed and work originally requested.

⯁ Refunds can only be requested by the commissioner if work has not started. Once you've approved the sketch, refunds can only be initiated by me in the case of my own uncertainty of being able to finish.

⯁ You may not use the art you receive for personal profit of any kind. Ordering it as a print for yourself is okay (please tag me in a photo, I'd love to see!).

⯁ I won't draw ships rivaling Lapidot. Amedot, Jaspis, etc. are not pairings I am comfortable drawing and will respectfully decline.

Additional NSFW ToS:
*other ToS still apply

⯁ You must be 18+ to commission me for NSFW content.

⯁ I will not draw traditional humanoid phallic anatomy or certain kinks/fetishes. Please keep requests tasteful.

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